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BeeOurly Uncovered: The Team on a Mission to Simplify Your Life

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, effective time management has become increasingly vital. BeeOurly responds to this need, emerging as a beacon of innovation dedicated to transforming our relationship with time. At its core, BeeOurly is driven by a group of visionaries and achievers united by a mission that goes beyond mere schedule management — it’s about elevating the essence of our daily lives through thoughtful scheduling.

Let’s dive into the heart of BeeOurly and get to know the passionate individuals working in it. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, contributing to the collective goal of making time management a more enriching and mindful experience. If you haven’t read our article about founders yet, you may find it by clicking here.

Now, let’s hear directly from some key members about their inspiration and vision for BeeOurly. We asked them two short questions to uncover the passion that fuels their commitment to revolutionize time management:

Question 1: If you could describe BeeOurly in one word or phrase, what would that be? Why?

Question 2: What inspires you most about working on BeeOurly?

Nataly Ourly — CEO & Co-Founder: Nataly, our leader, brings over two decades of international entrepreneurial experience and a passion for executive coaching and facilitation. She conceptualizes ideas, tests them, and ensures everything aligns with our values and mission.

Q1: Empathy and care. We understand and accept that nobody is perfect, but everyone needs someone. That’s why we create a supportive space.

Q2: In my work, I am inspired by the understanding that, through our example, future generations will grow to embrace diversity, ensuring that no one ages alone.

Horst Krumbach — COO & Co-Founder: As a social entrepreneur with vast experience, Horst streamlines internal processes, communicates with major platforms, and engages with investors to facilitate growth.

Q1: Simplicity which is (besides time-saving) a key element of BeeOurly‘s Mindful Calendar — making life easier for all users!

Q2: BeeOurly offers me the unique opportunity to develop and market the highest sophisticated but easiest to use time management tool ever — The Mindful Calendar — together with a most enthusiastic international team.

Elena Nikiforova — Project Manager: Elena manages the entire project, creating conditions for successful implementation and fostering effective communication within the team. With over 15 years of experience in marketing within international corporations, she plays a pivotal role in steering our projects to success.

Q1: All-In-One Time Management Solution. Because it is really so.

Q2: What inspires me in working on BeeOurly is the opportunity to contribute to making people’s lives easier and more organized. Helping users reduce stress and achieve a healthy work-life balance through our platform is a motivating aspect of working on BeeOurly.

Olga Vorontsova — Head of Development: With over 15 years of experience in managing technical operations, Olga has a proven track record in developing and launching projects in various B2B areas. She oversees the work of developers, ensures code quality, and guides the logical development of our software.

Q1: Meetings at your fingertips. BeeOurly provides users with easy and instant access to meetings, you don’t have to make any special efforts for that.

Q2: I am inspired by the opportunity to provide people from different countries with a pleasant and simple tool for planning their time.

Marina Olkhovska — Product Marketing Manager: As a product marketing manager, Marina brings product promotion strategies to life, researching the market to understand the competitive environment and creating materials that highlight product features and benefits.

Q1: If I had to describe BeeOurly in one word (okay, two words), I would say, it’s the bee’s knees. This idiom means “an excellent or much liked person or thing” in reference to the collection of goodness around the bee’s actual knees in the form of pollen.

Q2: At BeeOurly, it’s easy to stay motivated because I know that our end product is supposed to influence people’s everyday life in a positive way — just like honey, the product of beehives, does. Otherwise, I think my biggest source of inspiration is the people around me and particularly in the team.

In addition to these key roles, it’s important to note that our BeeOurly hive consists of diverse talents. Our team includes frontend and backend developers, a tester, designers, and SMM specialist. Each individual, though not covered here, plays a crucial role in the collective effort shaping the future of time management.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, BeeOurly invites you to embrace a new era of productivity. We invite you to join this exciting journey towards a more mindful and productive future! 🚀🕒