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BeeOurly Celebrates Membership in the German Startup Association

Great news! We at BeeOurly are thrilled to announce that our membership in the German Startup Association (Startup Verband) has just been confirmed! This is a great joy for us for a whole number of reasons.

First of all, a successful enrollment in the Startup Verband signifies that our company has met certain criteria, demonstrating our commitment to innovation, growth, and sustainability. It highlights our dedication to the startup ecosystem and showcases our potential for success.

Being part of the Startup Verband also means that we will have access to a wider network of entrepreneurs, investors and experts. This will enable us to exchange ideas with fellow startups and learn from the best in the business. So we’re full of good vibes about this collaboration!

The association acts as a collective voice for startups in Germany, advocating for their interests at the national and international levels. By being a member, startups gain access to a strong support system that represents their concerns, raises awareness about relevant issues, and influences policies that are favorable for startup growth

„We support entrepreneurs by representing their interests in the world of politics and business, as well as in the wider public. Our network enables dialog on an equal footing between startups, established companies, and the political world. We transfer knowledge and experience from one generation of founders to the next and bring the startup culture inside SMEs and large corporations,“ — Startup Verband.

One of the most important things a startup needs for successful growth is a nurturing environment. Being a member of the German Startup Verband, we look forward to benefiting from numerous networking opportunities provided by the association, as well as from potential partnerships, valuable insights, and increased visibility. We aim for sustainable growth in the German and further European markets, and of course, becoming part of the German startup ecosystem is a logical step on this path.