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BeeOurly: A Recap of Our Remarkable Year

Hey friends! We love spilling the tea on our latest achievements and struggles; now it’s spillin’ time for our 2023 highlights and progress. We have definitely learned valuable lessons that have strengthened us as a team. Your continued support has been instrumental in our journey, and we owe you a great deal of gratitude.

Launch of the App

Drumroll, please! We dropped the full release of the Western European version of BeeOurly, our Mindful Calendar. It took us less than three months from the start of development. This is what happens when a team is really passionate about an idea and does everything to make a conceptual product come to life as soon as possible. So yay we’re coming to the end of the year with an advanced web version and a fully functional mobile app.
What makes BeeOurly so special? Below is a partial list of features we offer to our target audience and anyone who would like to better manage their time. Here’s what you can do:
• Customize the calendar to fit your business needs
• Let your clients schedule, reschedule, cancel appointments and carry out payments on their own
• Share booking links on your website and social media
• Personalize booking pages and notifications to match your brand identity
• Send automatic reminders to participants via text messages, WhatsApp or email
• Automatically detect time zones
• Set buffer times before and after meetings if needed
• Limit the number of daily meetings and configure event notifications
• Create your own smart schedule with different/various event types, such as work, personal, leisure etc.
• Send the link with your available time slots to your clients
• Customize your profile page if you don’t have your own website
To be continued! Many more cool functions are yet to come.
As you can see, we have come a long way in a fairly short time and look forward to going further with our growing community of users. We have confidence in the organic growth of our social networks and are delighted to witness the increasing interest. This reaffirms our belief in our platform and motivates us to continue providing valuable content and engaging experiences for our audience.

Tech Adventures

In 2023, we rocked not one, but two international tech conferences. We happily participated in the Future Go Tech Summit, the event that brought together more than 1000 attendees from more than 30 countries. Nataly was a speaker on the subject: “Women in Tech: Future-Proofing Through Inclusion & Diversity”.

She participated in this discussion along with other 5 international female leaders from Mexico, Turkey, Italy, and Holland. The session was moderated by Cointelegraph editor, Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

Surely, this event provided us with valuable insights. We could learn from and network with like-minded individuals in the tech industry. The discussions and talks focused on gender equality and empowering women in tech resonated with us deeply, as we strive to create an inclusive and diverse work environment. We are excited to apply what we learned and continue making progress on our startup journey.
Then, the Websummit came along, giving us all the feels about our role in the tech world. We’ve managed to participate in podcast recording with Ceramelia Ray (USA Today, Forbes reporter) and enthusiastically engage in side activities, including AUSTRIA NIGHT featuring Journey to the Future and the German Startup Night, presented by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Digital Hub Initiative.

Our presence at the conference brought more than 1,000 views and over 100 users actively registered for the BeeOurly app during the WebSummit period, and many more have downloaded it.

We met new people, got more users and followers, and absolutely, we learned a few lessons too. We hit some big wins, like getting awesome feedback from the crowd, really understanding why people love our product, and making our booth look pretty bright at WebSummit. Our BeeOurly vibe, with those eye-catching yellow shirts, fun souvenirs, and cool presentations, made us stand out in the lively WebSummit scene!

Looking forward to the New Year

As we reflect on the productive strides made in our development this year, we take pride in our accomplishments. However, we remain committed to continuous improvement, embracing the lessons learned, and aspiring to new summits of success. While 2024 is bursting with energy of fresh start, we are looking forward to new beginnings together with the team and user community.
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