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Visionaries Behind BeeOurly

The BeeOurly project was born from the shared vision of our co-founders, Nataly Ourly and Horst Krumbach. Nataly, BeeOurly’s CEO, boasts over two decades of international experience as an entrepreneur and has also established herself as an executive coach and team facilitator. Her journey began by addressing her own time management challenges while juggling a bustling schedule of coaching sessions and managing her IT company. Meanwhile, Horst, BeeOurly’s COO, is a social entrepreneur with hands-on experience in the management and scaling of his enterprise. His collaboration with Nataly reinforced their mission to create an intuitive service.

Today, BeeOurly stands on the verge of redefining productivity and time management. Our voyage is a testament to innovation, unwavering dedication and appreciation for the value of time
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Let’s get better acquainted with Nataly and Horst.

What’s your background? Have you always worked in this space?

Nataly Ourly: My background is quite diverse. I began my career in international corporations within the automotive industry and later laid the foundation for my first IT company that has flourished for more than 20 years. I also ventured into social entrepreneurship by concurrently managing a private daycare and a nursing home, while promoting these initiatives through non-profit and community endeavours. These experiences have significantly influenced my life. A few years ago, I transitioned into the role of an executive coach and team facilitator. My passion has always been assisting individuals in reaching their full potential, whether through technology or personal development. This unique combination of skills and experiences has proven invaluable in shaping the vision of BeeOurly.

Horst Krumbach: Over a decade ago, I embarked on the journey of founding Generationsbrücke Deutschland, establishing it as Germany’s pioneering intergenerational social enterprise. In synergy with our dedicated team and government authorities, we expanded our reach to over 350 nursing homes, schools, and kindergartens, nurturing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships among more than 15,000 elderly and young individuals. Leading and continually advancing our organisation has been a collaborative effort with my dedicated staff, many of whom have been part of this journey from the very beginning. However, the coordination with numerous nursing homes, schools, and their staff presented challenges. We desperately needed a professional IT tool to enhance our efficiency. This experience highlighted how a mindful calendar could save time and bring harmony into our lives, ultimately leading to the creation of BeeOurly.
What’s the best part of working at BeeOurly?

Nataly: The most rewarding aspect of my work is witnessing the profound impact our mindful calendar has on individuals and businesses. Creating an environment where my team explores innovative solutions and pushes boundaries for our users is not just a job, but a fulfilling journey. I take satisfaction in seeing our customers chart their paths to success with BeeOurly. However, the most exciting part of my role is championing a product that genuinely fosters mindfulness and productivity, knowing that it stands as the top solution for professionals worldwide. After our team aligned on the product idea, my primary responsibility was to validate its viability and ensure it met our core criteria: simplicity, security, and reliability.

Horst: As the COO of BeeOurly, I have the unique opportunity to pursue two personal and professional passions: developing a startup into a successful international company and contributing to society through a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly product with the potential to benefit everyone. Within our diverse and multidimensional team, my primary focus lies in international relations — maintaining fruitful connections with both customers and investors — to elevate our business to new heights. I genuinely appreciate the collaborative efforts of our international BeeOurly specialists and their professional contributions towards our shared goals. Being a leading part of this team is a true privilege for me.
The future is bright — what’s new BeeOurly holds for Humanity?

Nataly: BeeOurly is constantly on the edge of innovation. Our forward trajectory includes the introduction of new features aimed at further enriching our service, making it even more user-friendly and beneficial. This includes harnessing the power of AI to provide insightful summaries and predictions for your schedules, offering you a clearer perspective on your time management.

Moreover, we are working on integrating more holistic wellness features into BeeOurly. We want not only to assist users in managing and organizing their schedules but also to promote a balanced and centered lifestyle. We are dedicated to making BeeOurly an inclusive tool accessible to all, regardless of their technological expertise. Our platform will continue to evolve, enabling more specialists and professionals to effectively manage their schedules without technological barriers. BeeOurly is more than just a calendar; it represents our mission to create a more efficient and balanced world — a vision we hold for the future of humanity.

Horst: Time, next to health, stands as one of the greatest and most invaluable gifts we have. And we cannot buy either of them. However, with BeeOurly we can effectively save precious time, gaining valuable moments for ourselves, our families and our partners. This will not only lead us into a better work-life balance; it also plays a pivotal role in reducing our personal stress levels. Stress is a significant health concern, which means that BeeOurly contributes to overall well-being. The key of our endeavor is our exceptionally user-friendly and time-saving platform, complemented by AI to simplify life for everyone.

In conclusion, Nataly Ourly and Horst Krumbach, the visionary minds behind BeeOurly, bring a unique blend of experience and passion to their mission of redefining productivity and time management. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, user-friendly technology, and the aspiration for a balanced, more efficient world shines through in every aspect of the work. BeeOurly is not just a calendar. It’s a testament to their unwavering dedication to improving lives and creating a brighter future for humanity.