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Our Remarkable Experience at DMEA

DMEA: A Remarkable Experience in Digital Health Innovation

As a startup dedicated to developing a mobile planning app for time management, participating in DMEA, the largest Digital Health event in Europe held in Berlin, was truly a remarkable experience for us. It was a melting pot of innovative ideas and passionate individuals coming together to shape the future of healthcare in the digital age!
Marcus Lenk
Embracing Digitalization without “Angst"

One of the highlights of DMEA was the insightful keynote delivered by Prof. Dr. Thun, emphasizing the importance of embracing digitalization without succumbing to "German Angst." She stressed the need to move forward with ethical considerations in mind, acknowledging that data protection should not hinder progress but rather guide it in the right direction. This resonated with our company philosophy, as we believe in leveraging technology for the betterment of society while upholding ethical standards.
Daniel Lonn
Addressing the Digital Health Literacy Gap

Another key point discussed at DMEA was the significance of digital health literacy, as highlighted by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport. It was alarming to learn that a large portion of the population lacks sufficient knowledge in navigating digital health resources, relying on potentially unreliable sources like Google for medical advice. This further reinforced the importance of our mobile planning app, which aims to empower users with the tools and knowledge to manage their time effectively and make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Promoting Digital Literacy in Healthcare through Innovative Solutions

The notion of digital health literacy being a vital skill for both patients and medical professionals resonated deeply with us. Our app not only helps individuals organize their schedules and prioritize tasks but also educates them on the importance of self-care and time management in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By promoting digital health literacy through our product, we hope to contribute to a more informed and empowered society capable of making sound choices regarding their well-being.
Max Saeling
Collaborative Efforts Towards Improving Digital Literacy

At DMEA, we witnessed firsthand the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders and mediators involved in advancing digital health literacy. From educators introducing digital resources in schools to health insurance companies identifying individuals in need of additional knowledge, the collective effort towards improving digital literacy in healthcare was truly inspiring. BeeOurly aligns perfectly with this trend, as it serves as a tool for individuals to enhance their digital skills and take charge of their health and time management.

Driving Innovation and Positive Impact in Digital Health

In conclusion, being a part of DMEA was not only a valuable experience for us as a startup but also a reaffirmation of our mission to empower individuals through digital tools and knowledge. The event served as a platform to discuss pressing issues like digital health literacy and the ethical considerations of digitalization, reinforcing the importance of our mobile planning app in promoting a healthier, more informed society. We at BeeOurly are excited to continue driving innovation in the digital health space and look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of our users!