The Mindful Calendar

Sharing the gift of time. Together.


Offices are emptying out, while coffee shops and living rooms are populated by laptop-toting digital nomads. Full-time jobs are losing their appeal, with workers choosing the flexibility of freelancing over the routine of an office commute.

The world of online work is changing.

The numbers don’t lie:

In 2022 in the United States alone, Forbes reported that 39% of the workforce performed some kind of freelance work, contributing $1.35 trillion to the country’s economy.
Most importantly, 73% of freelancers reported feeling positive about their work. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of work.
But without HR, office managers, reception desks, or assistants, how do they keep their calendars in order?


We’re changing time management by helping our users change their relationship with time.

BeeOurly presents The Mindful Calendar.

Planning mindfully lets you share your time, making as much space for your friends and family as for your clients and partners.
Integration with your favorite social, search, payment, and video applications makes planning easier.
Goodbye links and QR codes!


Growth of the Data and Time Management App Market (expected 12% annually)
10-Year Growth in Freelance Workforce and Projected Well-being Market by 2026 (that indicates interest in organizational and employee well-being)

Problems VS solutions

Not all freelancers or remote workers have a personal webpage.
Users get customizable profile pages, like digital business cards, with their own photos, logos, fonts, and colors. They can share bios, display past projects, and promote products/services. These profiles also feature links to resources, social media, and appointment booking. It's a stylish way to present themselves and offerings.

No personal webpage

Customizable profile page

One link for one booking means one big mess
We help your customers book as many appointments as they need using a single link.
Repeating appointments can be scheduled as easily as in your personal calendar.
Now, one link is all you need!

Big mess

Scheduled as easily

You can’t be present in a meeting if you’re constantly taking notes.
We transcribe each of your meetings automatically. Afterwards, you can use AI-powered tools to turn each transcript into a concise, actionable summary.

Сonstantly taking notes

Transcribe your meetings

You can’t see all your bookings in one place.
Each of your clients gets an own account.
This way, they can keep track of meeting times, dates, details, and conditions, all in one place.


Сlients get accounts


Professionals who view planning as managing relations with people rather than just allocating time. They’re in constant contact with others, engaging like a beehive, and benefit greatly from having relaxed, open, and easy interactions over scheduling questions.

We’re aimed at professionals

In the average calendar app we typically spend 10-15 minutes coordinating meeting times through messages… or even more. Our service reduces this to 1-2 minutes.
Users can integrate our service as a widget on their website for faster client access. This saves time exchanging information through the often-used and known channels that we have meetings with.
Users create custom links to share with contacts for selecting meeting times, again making it quicker and easier.
Furthermore, The Mindful Calendar BeeOurly allows you to add meaning to the appointment, showing more interest into the other person(s) and allowing people to be better prepared.

Quick & Easy Planning

Full sync integration with meeting tools

Simplified Interaction Process

Add Social Meaning


Data security: GDPR that imposes strict limits on the use of personal data. This means that company can only use personal data for the specific purpose for which it was collected, and they cannot share it with any third parties without the individual’s consent.
AI technology which prepares the full text of the meeting and has a special option to outline the summary and follow-up of the meetings.
Convenience: Bulk booking option that gives you an opportunity to sign up for several sessions or lessons at once.

Ways of monetization

Paid subscription


Executive summary

The Mindful Calendar which allows to book and manage appointments and generate follow up and notes with AI technology.
By seeing time as a gift, we change our shared relationship with it. It becomes our life’s navigator, reducing stress while adding positivity to the world. It becomes a gift we share together.
Appointment Scheduling Software Market size was valued at USD 294.25 Million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 787.76 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2023 to 2030.


Estimated market size

Natalia Peryazeva, Horst Krumbach.

Target audience/ pipeline


Germany, Aachen.


The Team

Natalia Peryazeva
Horst Krumbach
Founder/CEO, BeeOurly
20+ years of entrepreneurial experience worldwide.
International coach, moderater, fascilitator.
Founder/COO, BeeOurly.
Generationsbridge Germany.
Scaled up to 350 organizations.
Project Manager
Awarded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and industry companies like BMW, Bayer, Körber.
Elena Nikiforova
Head of development
Olga Vorontsova
15+ years in marketing 
in international corporations (Toyota, Audi).
Arved Lüth
15+ years in managing technical operations with a proven record for developing and launching platforms and projects in various B2B areas
25+ years of experience in industrial sustainability and social transformation
The leading expert in corporate responsibility (CSR) in Europe